I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review 2010 Olympic Medals

Shown above is an early, early concept…

Honorable Mention – Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Medals

Description: OAO’s winning design proposal for the 2010 Olympic Medals began as a conceptual point of departure, with the application of the iconographic jewelry archetype, the locket. The first iteration of the design comprised of two sheets of material, held together by hidden magnets, which housed an internal cavity into which the winning athlete could insert a sentimental object, such as a photograph or lucky charm.

Design: Omer Arbel Office Inc.
Website: www.omerarbel.com
Project team: Omer Arbel, Mark Dennis, Chris Kirby, Shane Ellis
Commissioned by: Leo Obstbaum of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic organizing committee
Artwork: Corrine Hunt
Manufacturing: the Royal Canadian Mint
Metals: Teck Resources
Photography: Robert Keziere

For pics of the end result click here