Hiatas is Shane Ellis on the internet.

Shane is a soft goods designer, prototyper, developer and product manager.

He specializes in technical soft goods and toolmade soft Goods and dabbles in traditional leather craft.

Technical soft goods = technical apparel, footwear, gloves, carry, etc

Toolmade soft goods = consumer electronics, intimates, footwear, etc

The son of a talented seamstress, he was destined to work in the soft goods industry. Shane studied mechanical engineering and industrial design at Carleton University in Canada. Over the years he has worn many hats; from managing bush camps in northern Ontario to working as the head of design/engineering at a super diverse manufacturing facility. In 2008 Shane got his first real job in soft goods at FYi Design Dept.

While Shane was getting his “masters in technical apparel” at FYi, he started combining hard and soft goods in new ways. By using his past knowledge of thermoforming tooling design he started to manipulate the fabrics in new ways; molding them into 3D shapes and laminating them to injection molded plastic parts.  The goal was to blur the lines between hard and soft goods completely and add a level of technical sophistication unseen in traditional soft goods. In time, these new processes would help to define the toolmade soft goods industry.

In 2013 Shane took a hiatus from being an employee and started Hiatas Design, a fully equipped microfactory and soft goods consultancy located near Toronto in Canada.

In 2016 Shane closed the microfactory and moved back west to build and manage the Oculus soft goods design lab in Seattle.

Hiatas lives-on as the trail that Shane leaves behind on the internet.

Shane has worked on projects for Bocci, Burton [AK], Patagonia, Aether, New Balance, Gore R&D, Disney, Apple, Arc’teryx, Cohaesive. You can see a sampling of his work here.

Contact: info(at)hiatas(dot)com