151201 Update:

We have closed the Microfactory and will not be taking on new clients. We have moved back to the pacific northwest and will be focusing on one very special project for the foreseeable future. We intend keep the blog rolling as an archive of neat Soft Goods stuff.


Hiatas was a fully equipped Microfactory and Soft Goods consultancy located near Toronto in Canada. We specialized in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of Toolmade (Consumer Electronics) and Technical Soft Goods (Technical Apparel, Footwear, Gloves, Carry, etc). We employed Hardgoods manufacturing processes to build Soft Goods products; adding a level of technical sophistication uncommon in the Soft Goods industry. The goal was to blur the lines between Soft and Hardgoods completely.

Hiatas was run by Shane Ellis. He studied mechanical engineering and industrial design at Carleton University in Canada. Over the years he has worn many hats; from managing bush camps in northern Ontario to working as the head of design/engineering at a super diverse manufacturing facility. Prior to founding Hiatas, Shane spent 5+ years working for FYi Design Dept.

Shane has worked on projects for Bocci, Burton [AK], Patagonia, Aether, New Balance, Gore R&D, Disney, Apple, Arc’teryx, Cohaesive and now Oculus. You can see a sampling of his work here.

Contact: info(at)hiatas(dot)com