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Trufa by Anton Garcia Abril > this is the most amazing construction process I think I have ever seen (the cow is the kicker!) – watch a video of the build here

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I am trying out Google’s browser (Chrome) on my home computer – Over all I like it but it does not allow me to seamlessly integrate my Delicious account into it like Firefox does (this is because Delicious is a Yahoo service). So… I am going to try to start archiving interesting links in my blog. Here are the first two:

If your product is Great, it doesn’t need to be Good. > great article from the creator of gmail (Paul Buchheit)

Them Things > Amazing (and I mean really amazing) collection of images

red dot award: product design 2009: Bocci’s 22

The 22 series is a range of electrical wall accessories, which reinterpret a traditional product. An innovative installation system allows mounting of elements like ports, dimmers, switches, telephone and data jacks, or cable and loudspeaker ports flush to walls or wood panels. Using traditional cover plates is no longer necessary. In an unobtrusive and aesthetic way the elements integrate harmoniously into the architecture. The 22 system is CSA approved to UL standards.

red dot award 2009 > product design > architecture and interior design > switches

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I am try to limit this site to only things I have had a hand in; but this is too good to not share – just amazing! Love it when people find ways to make technology accessible (affordable) to everyone by hacking mass produced products.