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Perfect Fit In-Ear Headphones

After looking high and low on the internet, I got a pair of Kilpsch Image S4i (II) In-Ear Headphones.  I like them; sound is good and they work seamlessly with the iPhone, but none of the 5 different ear tips they provided fit just right.  It sucked, I started to regret the purchase.  It got me thinking… can I modify some foam earplugs – those things fit really nice?



Needless to say, the fit (and sound isolation) has improved. Super easy to make if you have a punch, a sharp knife and some foam earplugs. Stoked.

DryJkt Prototype

Hand made with Love and Gore-Tex for my 3 yr old son.

-WTT 3L Gore-Tex, seam-taped
-YKK reverse coil PU coated zipper
-Laminated Hood, Hem and Cuff facing
-Pre-cinched Hood and Hem
-Velcro Cuff adjustments
-No hardware
-No pockets
-Ultra minimalist
-10hrs build time; start to finish
-Dryden picked the color (I was pushing for black)

Wooden Toy 001 – Pusher

Found a common interest with my son – making stuff. We cut, drilled and sanded, and like magic we made something from nothing – I couldn’t be happier. The toy turned out pretty good too.
This is Pusher, he pushes:

I believe that being handy is learned skill – best to start ’em young.

Cutting Tool Holster


Got so annoyed with myself for always needing to walk across the shop to get a cutting tool – So I sat down one morning and I built this little rig. It is just one continuous piece of webbing with a few stitches and some elastic. I wear it like a gun holster under my arm.

Dog Pack/Harness Prototype

Innovative Dog Backpack converts into a harness when the waterproof packs are zipped off. Ergonomic harness is fully adjustable and allows this model to fit both medium and large breeds. Harness is complete with a grab handle for lifting the dog out of sticky situations.