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DryJkt Prototype

Hand made with Love and Gore-Tex for my 3 yr old son.

-WTT 3L Gore-Tex, seam-taped
-YKK reverse coil PU coated zipper
-Laminated Hood, Hem and Cuff facing
-Pre-cinched Hood and Hem
-Velcro Cuff adjustments
-No hardware
-No pockets
-Ultra minimalist
-10hrs build time; start to finish
-Dryden picked the color (I was pushing for black)

Cutting Tool Holster


Got so annoyed with myself for always needing to walk across the shop to get a cutting tool РSo I sat down one morning and I built this little rig. It is just one continuous piece of webbing with a few stitches and some elastic. I wear it like a gun holster under my arm.